Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant’s main external power line cut off, radiation leak narrowly avoided


International energy officials reported that a crucial nuclear power plant in Ukraine once more experienced a loss of external power on Saturday, raising concerns about its operations as the conflict’s prolonged energy crisis between Moscow and the West intensified. 

As per the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Ukraine’s largest facility in Europe, Zaporizhzhia, had its final main external power line shut off but a reserve connection was still able to continue sending electricity to the grid. 

As per the agency’s statement posted on its website, just one of the station’s six reactors was still operational.

Since Russian troops invaded Ukraine in late February, the plant has been under Moscow’s control. Each side accuses the other of shelling the area nearby. 

The dispute over Russian oil and gas exports, meantime, continued this week as the G7 countries established a planned price ceiling on Russian oil exports and Moscow promised to keep its main gas pipeline to Germany shut down. 

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The conflict over energy comes as the region gets ready for the upcoming cold months and is a result of President Vladimir Putin’s six-month invasion of Ukraine. It highlights the significant gulf that invasion has created between Moscow and Western nations.

The prior shutdown of the nuclear reactor was attributed by Zelensky to Russian shelling, and he claimed that a radiation release was narrowly avoided. 

Energy outages have been attributed by Moscow to Western sanctions and technical difficulties, while European countries have accused Russia of weaponizing supplies as part of its armed invasion.

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