Woman Asks for Compensation for being Wedged Between Two Obese Passengers


American Airlines Obese Passengers: A woman traveling with American Airlines has complained to the authorities about being wedged between two obese passengers.

The woman passenger is the Australian-American political commentator Sydney Watson. She was going from New York to Dallas. She has tweeted about it along with the pictures of two passengers sitting next to her that were taken on the flight.

In one of her tweets, she called the passengers “the fats” and wrote that “they are sweating on me”.

During her journey, she also asked one of the passengers to exchange seats so that she could sit comfortably, but he refused.

Now, she is asking the airlines for compensation for going through discomfort during her three-hour journey. But the American Airlines does not have any such policy.

Moreover, the airlines do not have any specific rules for overweight and obese passengers, like buying an extra seat.

Whereas, Southwest Airlines has a policy that says ‘Passengers, who encroach upon any part of the neighboring seat, are required to buy an additional seat.’

However, American Airlines has apologized to Sydney Watson for facing discomfort but Sydney does not seem to be satisfied with the response. She said that the airlines expected her to complete her journey by sitting only on a quarter of a seat.

This incident has sparked a debate on social media. Some are writing against American Airlines while others are calling her fatphobic.

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