Richard Russell Plane Crash

Who was Richard Russell? What was his cause of death?

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Richard Russell Plane Crash: Shocking new footage has surfaced about the fatal plane crash that happened in August 2018.

The latest CCTV surveillance footage from inside the terminal and from the runway shows that the plane involved in the crash was stolen by a ground worker employee of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The groundworker has been identified as Richard Russell.

29-year-old Richard stole the Alaska Airlines Q400 plane and took it for a joyride. Unfortunately, the ride turned into a fatal crash. The plane crashed into a remote island called Ketron Island, situated in Puget Sound. At that time, the investigating authorities termed his death a suicide.

Richard russell plane crash Video:

In the video, Richard can be seen wearing a black t-shirt with the caption ‘The Sky’s No Limit’ on its back. First of all, he went through the airport security holding a backpack and then through the restricted area. The area is used only by the baggage handlers. After 5 hours, he went inside the tow vehicle and towed the plane to the runway.

After that, he opened the cabin door and got into the plane, and went into the cockpit. He also told the traffic controller that he was about to fly the plane. Before airport authorities could do anything, he took off.

While flying, he contacted the control system again and asked for help in flying. The air traffic controllers tried to persuade him to bring back the plane, but he did not listen. Instead, he kept on joking with them. He even asked them to give him a job as a pilot after he successfully landed the plane.

Two F-15 fighter jets were also sent to intercept the plane, but they could not. During the last few minutes, Richard seemed in fear and said that he was not able to ground the plane, and the fuel levels were dropping very fast.

The plane remained in the air for more than 70 minutes before it crashed into the ground. It also seems that he tried to perform some stunts as well.

During the incident, the airport operations remained suspended for almost an hour. Some planes were already waiting on the runway to take off. They were told to remain in position till further orders.

Richard was neither a professional pilot nor had any flying license. But he had just basic knowledge of flying a plane. He used to watch instructional videos online.

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