Who is this mysterious woman? Kim Jong-un’s female ‘aide’ appears at concert, banquet


A mysterious woman was seen recently with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In a report published on September 9, NK News stated that she could be Kim’s aide but so far, her identity is unknown. 

Earlier this year also, NK News reported the presence of the new aide. The report even mentioned that that mysterious woman could be a relative of Kim as she looks similar to the North Korean leader. 

As per newly released state TV footage, she was seen on Thursday with Kim at a major event, carrying a large handbag and trusted to secure his latest nuclear doctrine speech. 

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In the latest video, she was seen quite clearer than in previous footage available. On Friday, a report of a massive outdoor concert and banquet that was apparently held the previous night was published. 

Korean Central Television (KCTV) showed the woman during the event, that was held to celebrate the country’s 74th National Day. 

The report mentioned that she was very close to Kim’s table at the concert and stand as they entered the outdoor venue together. 

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The smartly dressed woman was at Kim’s side last week during a sitting of the Supreme People’s Assembly, North Korea’s parliament. 

Most of the time, she is seen carrying a handbag. It is speculated that the bag contains Kim’s phone, cigarettes or medicine. 

Who is she? 

Her identity has not been revealed. She could be the latest in a series of women who have been appointed by Kim to senior positions in his inner circle. The woman looks in photographs to be in her thirties. 

Or, she could be one of Kim’s two mysterious half-sisters, about whom ittle is known. Reports have mentioned that Kim Jong Un is thought to have at least two half-sisters named Kim Sol Song and Kim Chun Song. 

Both are said to be born in the early-to-mid 1970s. 


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