White man grabs black man’s throat in a viral video from Milwaukee, police launch an investigation


In what comes as another incident of racism from the USA, the Milwaukee police have reportedly opened an investigation into a viral social media clip where a white man can be seen grabbing the throat of a black man. 

As per the official police version, the incident took place at the 2100 block of South 25th Street, in the Layton Park neighbourhood. The man, which the police refused to name is 62 years old while the black man is 24 years old.

The less-than-10-minute video posted on October 10 and shared across social media platforms, garnering thousands of views in the process shows a white man grabbing a black man’s throat with a hand. The white man can be heard calling 911 and reporting about a bicycle that he alleged was stolen by the black man. 

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“I’m recording. Let go of his neck. He’s not going anywhere,” the man who recorded the video can be heard saying, to which the white man says “Go ahead, record,” before releasing the hand and promptly giving the middle finger to the camera. 

Over the call, the man remarks, “This kid over here…one of his friends stole a bike right out of a friend of mine’s yard.”

Such incidents of racial profiling and vigilantism have unfortunately become far too common in the US in recent times. As reported by WION, in July, a black family based in Baltimore filed a $25 million class action lawsuit for racial discrimination after multiple costumed characters purportedly refused to shake hands with a five-year-old black girl. 

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