What is the origin of the COVID-19 virus? New report supports ‘Lab Leak’ theory


Everyone appears to have an opinion on how COVID-19 came to be. The National Institutes of Health has been questioned by US Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the purported “lab leak.” The majority of scientists, however, concur with the assertion stated in a Science Magazine article that was released in August that the virus most likely spread in the packed wet markets in Wuhan, China, from animal to humans. 

Republicans in the US Senate who looked into the virus’s origins suspect that COVID-19 may have come from a lab leak, although they emphasise that there isn’t concrete evidence to support this.

The lab leak scenario is “not motivated by scientific fact,” according to Gigi Gronvall, lead researcher and immunologist at The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

As per US Senate Republicans who investigated into the virus’s origins, it may have originated from a lab breach; however, they emphasise that the results are preliminary.

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Sen. Richard Burr, the panel’s ranking member, said that the report should serve as a guideline for the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international organisations and researchers.

Burr’s staff released the study first, but Senate HELP Chair Patty Murray said she remained committed to working with Burr on an investigation into the origins of COVID-19. As per Murray, doing a thorough examination of how COVID-19 first formed was part of the bipartisan pandemic readiness legislation (S. 3799) that the HELP Committee adopted in March.

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However, Murray noted that the law advocated the creation of a different task force to investigate the origins of COVID-19 in order to ensure that a scenario like this never arises again that everyone learns from this pandemic’s lessons.

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