Watch: Flight crew left in tears as pilot announces queen’s death mid-flight


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A British Airways pilot announced the queen’s death on board, leaving the crew in tears. He made the announcement 40 minutes before the flight touched down in London. In the video, the pilot can be heard telling the passengers the news of the queen’s passing away. 

Passenger Michael Capiraso, 60, captured the moment that the flight was given the devastating news of the queen’s death while they were travelling from JFK Airport, New York, to London Heathrow on BA Flight 178.



Capiraso told MailOnline, “It was so surreal, while flying to the UK to take our daughter to the University of Edinburgh, to hear the news from the pilot of the queen’s passing, and to experience the emotions of the flight crew and the passengers. I will always remember that moment.”

“Elizabeth, the Queen, passed away earlier today with her family by her side,” the announcement told passengers.

“I thought I should at least tell you that before you arrive at the terminal as I know many of you will be very very sad about this.”

The stewardess is visibly shocked and can be seen wiping her tears. Her fellow crew member can be seen in utter shock and disbelief. 

Queen Elizabeth II passed away at her Balmoral Castle Thursday afternoon. Her son, Charles, immediately became the king. 

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