Baby in Full Face Mask on New Zealand

Viral Pic of Baby in Full Face Mask on New Zealand Flight

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The picture of a baby is trending on social media. The baby is wearing an adult-sized face mask covering half of his face with holes cut for eyes. A passenger Jander Opperman took this picture on July 1st on Air New Zealand’s domestic flight going from Auckland to Wellington.

Since Opperman shared the picture on his Instagram account, it has been receiving mixed reactions on social media. Rather, it has sparked a debate.

Some are calling it cute and funny, while others are finding it sad. Some even called it child abuse. They feel that mask would have made breathing difficult for the baby. Some users were so much irritated that they said that they would have removed the baby’s mask if they had been present on the flight.

But Opperman said that the child was joyful, and their short interaction was very sweet and charming. The baby was looking like a sweet super-baby. He also mentioned that it did not seem that the mask was tight on the baby’s face.

The government of New Zealand has made it compulsory for all passengers over the age of 12 years to wear masks on domestic flights. For little kids, the government has advised them to use face masks for covering the lower part of the face, and there should not be any gaps.

Siouxsie Wiles said that parents should use those masks for the children that are designed for them. Wiles is a microbiologist and a COVID communicator.

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