Violent clashes break out between students and security forces in Iran: Report


The protests surrounding the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini continue to impact Iran as students clashed with security forces all around the country on Sunday. As per human rights groups, the clashes took place as the Iranian government continue their crackdown on the protestors.

CNN reported that Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard was targeted by the protestors in several regions of the country after its chief Hossein Salami said that October 29 will be the “last day of the protests”. Protests were organised in response to the statement in universities around Iran.

Amini was detained by the country’s morality police after breaking the hijab law while travelling to Tehran. Later that day, the 22-year-old was declared dead by the hospital with the post-mortem reports suggesting that she sustained injuries to her head and body during the detention.

The death resulted in massive protests all around Iran with women burning their hijabs and cutting their hair in public. Students and activists also joined the ongoing protests and despite the massive crackdown by the government, the demonstrations have continued to rock the country.

In a video posted by pro-reform activist outlet Iran Wire, two officers could be seen trying to arrest a protestor at the Sanandaj Technical College. The outlet also reported that there were multiple clashes between the students and the authorities at the at Azad University in Tehran.

In the past few weeks, there has been a surge of plain-dressed security personnel visiting universities to carry out checks and this was once again alleged by Norway-based Iran Human Right (IHRNGO).

“With the continuation of nationwide protests, Islamic Republic armed plainclothes forces have entered university campuses to violently crush and arrest protesting students,” IHRNGO said.

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