Use ‘creativity’: Scholz condemns activists for targetting artworks


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday (October 31) made his displeasure clear by denouncing climate activists who targetted famous artworks to make their point. His condemnation has come in the run-up to COP27 climate summit due to take place in November.

“I am very sad about what is happening and very glad that it has not come to the point where an irreplaceable artwork has been permanently damaged,” Scholz told a Berlin press conference.

“There are other ways to express one’s opinion and perhaps a little creativity could be used,” he said.

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There have been number of incidents in several European countries where activists have targetted famous artworks to draw attention to their cause.

In Germany last week, protesters threw mashed potatoes on a Claude Monet painting in Pottsdam. On Sunday, activists glued themselves to an exhibition of a dinosaur skeleton at Berlin’s Natural History Museum.

Scholz also urged the activists not to endanger others after a street protest reportedly prevented emergency workers from getting to the scene of an accident on Monday.

As per the Bild daily, a specialist vehicle was delayed in reaching a cyclist who had been run over by a cement mixer in Berlin because activists had glued themselves to a nearby street.

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Protesters trying to make a political point “should always bear in mind that there should be no endangerment of others”, Scholz said.

“If that is what happened here, it is very regrettable and very saddening,” he said.

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