US: Republican-led states sends another group of migrants to VP Kamala Harris’s residence & Massachusetts


The US vice president’s house in Washington, DC, receives another busload of nearly 50 migrants, including a month-old infant, as part of the latest unannounced cross-country transfer by Republican-led states.

The Texas governor, considering most of them to be Venezuelan, dropped off the migrants outside of the Naval Observatory, the traditional residence of Kamala Harris, US Vice President. A similar group of migrants flew to Massachusetts, sent by the Florida governor.

With these transfers, Democratic politicians and immigrant activists demanded to look into possible human trafficking offences. The vice president accused the Republican elected leaders of playing games involving human lives.

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In conversation with Vice News, Harris said, “I think it is the height of irresponsibility much less, just frankly a dereliction of duty when you are an elected leader, to play those kinds of games with human life, and human beings, The Guardian reported.

Similar instances of sending migrants to other states and vice president’s residences have occurred. Last week, Abbott, Texas’s governor, sent three full buses to New York and also sent 100 migrants to Harris’s residence on Thursday (Sept 15).

The two chartered planes sent to Massachusets by Florida’s governor, including infants, prompted the island’s residents to hustle to help with food and other necessities for this unexpected influx of people. Further, Florida’s governor, DeSantis, stated that all American communities, not just those near the border with Mexico, should share the load, saying Biden’s border strategy was a failure. Abbott also supported and claimed to have sent migrants to “sanctuary cities.”

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On the other hand, the president criticised the Republicans for using people as political props and stated that what they are doing was completely wrong.

As per several immigration organizations, these transfers are misled about their intended destinations, making Republican governors essentially traffickers. Racheal Rollins, US attorney for Massachusetts, promised to look into the matter for possible human trafficking. 

Since April, Texas has bussed nearly 8,000 people to Washington, including Harris’s residence, with 300 bussed to Chicago and over 2,000 to New York. Arizona also bused over 1,500 migrants to Washington.

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