US: Increase in complaints of politically biased treatment ahead of midterms, says report


As per new research by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), there has been an uptick in the number of complaints about politically biased treatment in the workplace. 

The number has doubled since before the pandemic, with about a quarter of US employees saying that they have experienced this biased treatment because of their political affiliations, says the report. 

As per the report, the kind of treatment that the employees have mentioned is either preferential dealings or undue negative actions on the basis of their political opinions. In 2019, this number was at 12% and this time around at least a quarter of US employees say they have experienced this type of bias. Researchers collected data from over 500 American employees. 

The report also shows that at least 30% of managers said that they would be hesitant to hire someone who has disclosed extremely conservative beliefs, on the other hand, at least 20% said the same for a person who held extremely liberal beliefs. 

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From the 2020 presidential elections to the Covid-19 pandemic workplace safety guidelines, vaccine mandates, and nationwide protests around racial injustice and abortion laws, the country has been divided on many issues. Therefore, companies have been forced to deal with how this complicated political discourse should be discussed in the workplace. 

SHRM president and chief executive officer, Johnny Taylor Jr. said in the report, “In today’s climate, people are saying, ‘I can’t work with you if you don’t share my views…It’s a problem HR professionals and business leaders cannot ignore.”

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The report noted that only 8% of companies have communicated the guidelines to employees regarding such discussions at work. The data was collected from 1,500 human resources professionals, said a report by Bloomberg. Notably, research also found that most executives have become more politically polarised and Republican over the past decade. 

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