US: House Speaker Pelosi makes first public remarks since husband’s assault


On early Friday, the United States House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi made her first public on-camera appearance since the brutal attack on her husband, Paul Pelosi, with a hammer in their San Francisco home. The Democratic Party leader posted a video on her social media accounts where she called the upcoming midterm elections a fight for democracy which is “very winnable”. 

Speaking about her husband’s recovery she said, “It’s going to be a long haul.” Paul Pelosi was discharged from a San Francisco hospital late Thursday and is recovering from his skull fracture and other “serious injuries” he sustained when he was allegedly attacked by an assailant at their home. 

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The House Speaker thanked her supporters for their kind words and prayers for her husband and said that the way he was injured was “so tragic” but “we have to be optimistic.” She added, “People say to me: ‘What can I do to make you feel better?’ I say: ‘Vote!’”, Pelosi said to her supporters. 

“What we are doing is not only to win an election, but this is to strengthen our democracy…There is no question that our democracy is on the ballot,” said the Democratic Party leader. These remarks were also made in the context of the upcoming midterm elections where her party faces tough competition against the opposition Republican party to control the US House of Representatives and Senate. 

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David DePape, the man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi, is currently being held without bail and is facing multiple federal and state charges, including attempted murder and assault has also recently pleaded not guilty in a San Francisco Court. 

During a hearing on Friday, Judge Loretta “Lori” Giorgi, presiding over the case disclosed that she worked with the House Speaker’s daughter, Christine Pelosi in the attorney’s office in the 1990s. However, she has not interacted with her since, giving the prosecutors and the public defender’s office an opportunity to object to her role in the case, but no objections were raised. 

Furthermore, DePape also reportedly waived his appearance in San Francisco Superior Court while a status hearing was set for November 28 and a preliminary hearing was set for December 14, said media reports. As per court documents, he entered their San Francisco house looking for the House Speaker, who was in Washington at the time to “seriously harm her”. 

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As per an FBI affidavit filed in federal court, the attack against 82-year-old Paul Pelosi took place last Friday, when an intruder looking for the Speaker, instead confronted her husband who was eventually able to call the police. It added that the two men were seen struggling with the hammer after which the intruder grabbed the hammer and hit Pelosi with it over the head. 

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