‘US Colonel ‘murdered’ several allies, did not let them board planes from Kabul’


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It has been a year since the US forces haphazardly left their posts in Afghanistan, leaving the land in the hands of Talibani barbarians and terrorists. During the muddled exit, US troops, its allies and numerous other dependents were left in the lurch, fighting Talibanis.

Now, a documentary has revealed that during the exit, a US Army colonel blocked the exit of several allies, effectively pushing them into the killing zones.

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Reportedly, in a new documentary titled, “Send Me” directed by Nick Palmisciano, the members of a special operations volunteer team have revealed that an unnamed Colonel ‘murdered’ the passengers of five buses by not allowing them to board the planes that could have allowed them to leave Kabul. 

“There was a colonel who came out and wanted to show that essentially he was the one that could decide whether or not somebody could get on a plane or not,” stated a witness, whose identity was concealed in the documentary. 

unkindwhile, MMA fighter turned-solider Tim Kennedy, who was part of the 13-member group tasked with the job of saving as many allies as possible added: “The colonel made the call to ‘put everybody back out’. I don’t care who they are, they get back on those buses and those buses go back into Kabul.”

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It is pertinent to note that passengers of the five buses had verified documents. They were carefully searched and vetted by the Marines and arrived at the US-controlled Black Gate on the fateful day of August 25, 2021 around 3 AM. 

However, the top-ranking Colonel from the 82nd Airborne division would not let them or the buses ferrying them get inside. The Colonel did not even allow the refugees that carried a US passport, stating the documents might have been forged. 

As a last-ditch attempt to save the lives of refugees on the buses, a call was made to North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis. The Republican leader further egged the army generals to intervene. However, by then, the situation outside the airport had turned dire and effectively the fate of the refugees was sealed. 

The documentary is streaming on Amazon Prime and in select theatres.

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