United States judge temporarily blocks parts of New York’s new gun legislation


The gun-owners’ rights groups in the United States were handed a major victory as a federal judge blocked parts of the new gun law in New York. The decision will allow an advocacy group called the Gun Owners of America to challenge the law which regulates the carry of concealed weapons.

As per the law which came into effect on September 1, carrying guns in a number of public and private places in the city will be considered a criminal offence even for individuals who have licenses. It also advocated for better background checks when it comes to selling any weapon.

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However, with the Supreme Court ruling in June that “Americans have a constitutional right to carry weapons in public”, several groups are looking to challenge the new laws implemented in New York.

Following a request submitted by members of the Gun Owners of America, chief Judge Glenn Suddaby of the U.S. District Court in Syracuse decided to block parts of the legislation.

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The parts of the new gun law which will be blocked in three days’ time are – Submission of social media accounts for review and the submission of four character references for approval of a gun license. The State of New York was given till Sunday this week to challenge the court ruling.

“Rather than concocting this extensive list of so-called ‘sensitive locations,’ it would probably have been easier for the legislature to list the places that New York, in its grace, does allow ordinary law-abiding citizens to exercise their rights,” the plaintiffs said in the lawsuit according to Reuters.

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