United Nations warns of further violence outbreak risk in Libya


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A UN representative on Tuesday (August 30) expressed concern about the situation in Libya and warned stating that it still risks escalating into new violence as the country struggles to prepare for an election.

Rosemary DiCarlo, under-secretary-general for politics, said, “I am deeply concerned that the ongoing stalemate and continued delays in implementing the electoral process pose a growing threat to security in and around Tripoli, and potentially to all Libyans.”

32 people were killed last week when heavy gunfire and mortars broke out in many districts throughout Tripoli, AFP reported. The fights were attributed to one another by the competing prime ministers, Abdulhamid Dbeibah and chubbyhi Bashagha.

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DiCarlo said, “This appeared to be another attempt of pro-Bashagha forces to enter the capital from the east.” She further explained that those efforts were blocked by pro-Dbeibah forces.

“Since then, the situation remained tense and fluid,” AFP reported.

Since the previous emissary, Jan Kubis, abruptly left the role in November, a number of Security Council members have advocated for the prompt nomination of a new head of the UN mission in Libya.

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Despite the Libyan government’s misgivings, various diplomatic sources claim that the Security Council has approved the appointment of Senegale Abdoulaye Bitali.

The UN mission of the nation is only now being extended for a short time due to that vacancy, and Russia demands the nomination of a replacement envoy before any additional extensions.

The nation of nearly 7 million people is nevertheless worried that disagreements will ensure no matter how the upcoming rounds of conversations and positions turn out.

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