Ukraine gears up for intensified attacks following Moscow car bombing


Following the car-bomb death of the daughter of an ultranationalist Russian ideologue, Ukraine is preparing for an increase in Russian missile assaults to coincide with its independence day on Wednesday.

As reported by the Guardian, the military of the nation issued a warning that Moscow was placing air defence systems in Belarus and had deployed five warships and submarines armed with cruise missiles in the Black Sea. For four days starting on Monday, large gatherings are prohibited in Kyiv.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the president of Ukraine, had issued a warning overnight on Saturday, saying that “Russia may try to do something extremely ugly, something particularly cruel” this week as the nation commemorates its 31st anniversary of independence.

After the daughter of an ultranationalist Russian thinker was killed in a vehicle bombing, Ukraine is preparing for an increase in Russian missile assaults to coincide with its independence day on Wednesday.

The nation’s military forces also issued a warning on Sunday night, claiming that between August 22 and August 25, Russia had restricted the airspace over the Russian border areas of Lipetsk, Voronezh, and other locations.

After the killing of Darya Dugina, whose father is the Russian political analyst Alexander Dugin, on the outskirts of Moscow on Saturday night, tensions between the two at war nations ran the risk of escalating further.

Although some Russian hawks attempted to accuse Ukraine for the killing without providing any evidence, the country denied being involved in the attack, claiming investigations into the killing were still ongoing.

On Sunday night, a former Russian Duma member expelled for anti-Kremlin activities who is now based in Kyiv claimed that a previously unidentified group of Russian partisans was responsible for the assault.

Ilya Ponomarev stated that the National Republican Army, an underground organisation operating inside Russia that is committed to overturning the Putin dictatorship, was responsible for the tragic blast.

lengthy before the Moscow car bombing episode, there was anxiety over whether Russia would intensify its attacks around Ukraine’s independence day. However, Moscow might exploit it as yet another justification.

The car bomb was dubbed “an assassination attempt” by prominent Russian hawks who blamed Kyiv for it and demanded that the Kremlin retaliate by targeting Kyiv-based government figures.

As per Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, “then we should talk about the policy of state terrorism conducted by the Kyiv regime” if a connection to Ukraine was proved and validated by the appropriate authorities.

It would be the first time since February that the carnage unleashed on Ukraine reached the Russian capital, affecting the family of a Kremlin supporter close to one of Moscow’s most affluent neighbourhoods, if the vehicle bombing is unquestionably related to the war.

Kyiv vehemently refuted the accusations. As per Mykhailo Podolyak, a Zelenskiy adviser, “Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do with this because we are not a criminal state like Russia, or even a terrorist one at that.”

How Kremlin will react depends on whether this is a genuine opposition movement or a Russia-style complicated conspiracy of smoke and mirrors, according to Keir Giles, a Russia expert at the Chatham House thinktank. “We may not know for some time yet,” Giles said.

Shortly after Dugina left the Tradition cultural event at the estate where her father had lectured, a blast took place. A friend reported that although it was thought that the two would depart together, they instead boarded different vehicles.

Dugina was killed instantaneously five minutes later when a bomb detonated in the vehicle she was operating. As the car was engulfed in flames and slammed into a wall, witnesses claimed that debris was strewn all over the road.

Known for adopting an extreme right-wing perspective on Russia’s place in the world, Dugin and his daughter have previously supported violence against Ukraine. He’s been called a “Russian fascist” and is a well-known conspiracy theorist.

It has been asserted that he contributed to the expansionist foreign policy of the Russian president. However, many insiders claim that Dugin had little authority over the Kremlin, therefore it is still unclear how much influence he had over Putin.

The bombing was “premeditated and of a contract character,” according to investigators, according to Alexander Bastrykin, director of the investigative committee, the principal federal investigating body in Russia.

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