UK PM Sunak defends decision to skip COP27 climate summit


UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Friday (October 28) defended his decision to skip COP27 climate change summit. Sunak said he was skipping the climate meet because of ‘pressing’ economic problems.

The UK is emerging from an economic turmoil triggered by former PM Liz Truss’ economic policies. The turmoil resulted in Truss’ resignation. Sunak has a task on his hand to restore confidence in the UK’s financial system.

In an interview with Sky News a day after Downing Street announced he was skipping the summit, the prime minister stressed he was “very personally committed” to environmental issues.

“I just think at the moment it’s right that I’m also focusing on the pressing domestic challenges we have with the economy, and I think that’s what people watching would reasonably expect me to be doing as well,” Sunak said.

The COP27 UN climate change conference is due to take place in Egypt on November 7-8. Last year, the conference had taken place in Glasgow, England.

Sunak has drawn flak for his decision to skip COP 27 meeting.

Keir Starmer, leader of Labour Party in the Opposition, said that Sunak’s decision to skip the conference was an ‘absolute failure of leadership’. Green Party leader Caroline Lucas said that Sunak’s absence was a “shameful way to end the UK’s COP Presidency”

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