UK PM Rishi Sunak might go to COP27: Report


UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak might attend the COP27 Summit in Egypt days after his refusal citing “domestic issues”.

As per reports, Sunak is open to the possibility of travelling to Cairo to attend the all-important climate change conference on November 6 if his domestic schedules allow him to.

“Going depends on progress,” one of Sunak’s aides told the Financial Times, adding that the government was focused on dealing with the economic crisis and the autumn statement due on November 17.

The major U-turn came a day after UK media reported that former PM Boris Johnson expressed his intention to attend the climate conference.

Johnson’s participation is being perceived as an attempt to undermine Sunak’s leadership and at the same time bolster his image just a week after he withdrew his nomination for the Tory leadership race.

Last week, Downing Street informed that Sunak won’t be able to attend the UN conference due to “pressing domestic concerns”.

The row over who is going to represent the UK at the conference laid bare open after King Charles was advised not to travel to the northern African country.

Sunak has been facing criticism from opposition parties and environmental groups ever since it was announced that he will not attend the summit.

He was also chastised by Toy MP Alok Sharma, the UK’s COP26 president.

Speaking to Sunday Times, Sharma, who was recently demoted from the cabinet, said he was “pretty disappointed” with Sunak, saying his attendance would signal the UK’s “renewed commitment on this issue” and “allow for engagement with other world leaders”.

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