UK ends standoff with EU as Northern Ireland Brexit deal nears resolution


The dispute over the Northern Ireland Brexit arrangements seems to be coming to an end finally as the Irish foreign minister travelled to London to take part in talks with his British counterpart. On Thursday, Ireland’s Simon Coveney will be meeting UK’s James Cleverly to discuss the matter.

“Both sides have agreed to engage this week, for the first time really since mid-February,” Coveney told reporters in Dublin according to The Guardian.

“The mood music has changed quite fundamentally. We welcome that and we will work on, not only the relationships to rebuild trust, but also work on solutions in a practical way,” he added.

Since the implementation of Brexit agreements, a lot of controversy has existed over the Northern Ireland border that connects the UK with Europe. Coveney will also hold meeting with Northern Ireland minister Steve Baker with regards to the intricacies regarding the situation.

Baker, the former leader of the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservatives, tweeted about the negotiations. “Neither of you seem to have bothered with my comments on resolve. But the EU and the Irish have. And on red lines, the point is not to discuss them in public. Not to have none.“

The Northern Ireland issue featured heavily in the campaign promises made by newly elected British Prime Minister Liz Truss, and she is expected to handle the situation personally. He will also be meeting with top Northern Ireland officials in the near future to discuss a possible resolution of the issue concerning the EU trade situation.

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