Two Arizona Teachers Fired: Filmed Adult Content in School for OnlyFans Account


Arizona Teacher Fired For Onlyfans: Two Arizona teachers have been fired by the school administration after being found guilty of shooting adult content on the school premises. They were shooting this content for their account on OnlyFans.

The Arizona Teachers involved in the Incident:

The incident happened in the Lake Havasu Unified School of Arizona. The Arizona teachers involved are husband and wife and were working as teachers in the school. They have been identified as Dillon Peer, the husband, and Samantha Peer, the wife.

Samantha, the science teacher, has admitted through a confession video that she and her husband, both, were filming adult content on the school premises but only during the off-hours, and at that time no student was present in the school.

She further said that she and her husband were forced to get involved in such activities because their pay was quite less and it had become very hard for them to fulfill their basic needs with such meager pay.

They both started to prepare such content and post on the OnlyFans account, but they restricted the view of their account and it was not viewable in Arizona State. OnlyFans is an adult website where content can only be viewed through a subscription. The adult content is sold on this website. Samantha and her husband were making money by selling adult content on the website through the account ‘Khloe Karter.’

Action taken by the School Administration:

After the matter came to the notice of the school administration via a community member, it asked Samantha to immediately resign from her post. Samantha asked them not to make the matter public, but after her resignation, the students and the teachers learned about what happened. They started sharing her images with each other.

The school administration has informed the parents of the students to check the phones of their children and remove inappropriate content. The parents have also been advised to counsel their children.

In another statement, Samantha offered an apology on the matter and promised not to repeat the same mistake again.

Moreover, Arizona teachers are among the lowest-paid ones in the U.S.

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