Truth Social approved by Google. Will be available on Play Store shortly


Truth Social, a social media app started by former US President Donald Trump has finally been approved by Google for the Play Store, a company spokesman informed on Wednesday.

“Apps may be distributed on Google Play provided they comply with our developer guidelines, including the requirement to effectively moderate user-generated content and remove objectionable posts such as those that incite violence,” said a Google spokesperson. 

The app, launched by Trump earlier this year could not have a proper liftoff due to Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google citing insufficient content moderation and a host of other problems.

As per reports, it was only after Truth Social agreed to toe Alphabet’s line of enforcing policies that remove content that violates rules on topics such as ‘incitement to violence’ that it was allowed on the Play Store. 

Google also said that the social media app will also be available through its website and through other Android app stores. However, those apps may not have the same content moderation as the version available in the Google Play store.

Trump desperately needed the android platform to host his app as over 40 per cent of the smartphone market in America comprises android phones.

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“Truth Social is now open on all phones in the United States, which is a big accomplishment. Not only do we have the most free speech platform but also a family-friendly platform,” said Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) CEO Devin Nunes which operates Truth Social. 

Truth Social receiving the android platform is expected to strengthen its financial position. As per multiple reports, the financial situation of the Trump-owned platform had turned dire in recent times. 

The company owes approximately $1.6 million to a technology company RightForge which provides the social media app’s internal infrastructure.

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Notably, Trump was forced to develop a new social media app after he was banned from virtually every major social media platform in the aftermath of the January 6 Capitol riots 

The Trump supporters had allegedly attempted to overturn the election results and Trump was accused of posting messages online to incite violence.

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