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Tourist Caught Dancing on Ancient Mayan pyramid, Facing Backlash


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Ancient Mayan Pyramids Tourist: A female tourist from Spain was caught climbing and dancing on the ancient Mayan pyramid in Mexico. This act is totally prohibited as it is deemed to be disrespectful and can harm the monuments.

A Tourist Caught Dancing on Ancient Mayan Pyramid:

The incident happened on Monday when a Spanish female tourist climbed the stairs of ancient Mayan pyramids and started dancing after reaching the top. When the people present there noticed this, they became furious and started abusing the woman. Some called her an idiot. Later, she was taken down by the security officer of the archaeological site.

Two INAH ( National Institute of Anthropology and History) personnel handed over the woman to the police. When she was arrested, some onlookers tried to throw her hat and pull her hair. Some also demanded to put her in jail.

Why Tourists are Banned from Climbing the Ancient Mayan Pyramid?

The ancient Mayan pyramid comes under world heritage. Since 2008, tourists have been prohibited from climbing the pyramid to save it from damage. Also, in 2006, a US woman died after falling from it.

According to the law of Mexico[1], any such action, which can lead to the damage of monuments, may attract a fine of $2500 or more. The amount of fine depends upon the severity of the damage done. In this case, luckily no damage was done to the Mayan pyramid also known as the El Castillo temple.

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This temple was built by the Maya civilization during the 8th and 12th centuries AD. The pyramid is located in the center of Chichen Itza, which is an archaeological site in Yucatán.

Last year, a woman from Mexico also tried to climb the same Mayan pyramid. She was caught and fined. She was drunk as well.

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