Top FBI Agent Resigns, Under Fire for shielding Hunter Biden from probe


After facing the allegations of shielding Hunter Biden from a criminal investigation, the top FBI agent resigns from his post.

Why did the FBI Agent resign?

The FBI agent resigns after working with FBI for 25 years. Timothy Thibault was currently working for the FBI office in Washington, D.C. He submitted his resignation last week.

Thibault’s resignation was confirmed by two U.S. officials, and they also said that the FBI agent was taken out of the FBI building by the escorts.

The allegations against the FBI agent came into the picture during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that was held earlier this month. The allegations were put forth by Christopher Wray, the FBI director. Thibault was on sent on leave since all this happened. His colleague Brian Auten was also involved in the matter. He is a supervisory intelligence analyst with the FBI.

It was alleged that Thibault and Auten both tried to conceal the information related to a criminal case in which Hunter Biden is said to be involved. This happened when November 2020 presidential elections were near.

Allegedly, Thibault ordered to close the investigation without citing any valid reasons for the same. This was totally against the guidelines set up by the FBI. He also tried to close the matter in such a way that it could never be reopened in the future. It seems that his move was politically motivated.

The allegations against Hunter Biden:

An article was published in New York Post in November 2020 with the title ’Hunter Biden Laptop Story.’ It was about the case against Hunter Biden, which involved his dealings with foreign clients who were mainly from China. There was also video footage in which one could see Hunter involved in drugs and sex.

Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, made relevant admissions during a podcast. He admitted to suppressing the posts about Hunter Biden’s alleged crimes.

The case against the misdeeds of Hunter is still under investigation.

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