Top 10 world news: Russia resumes UN grain deal, Korean conflict and more


In a significant development poised to raise the prospects of food security worldwide, Russia resumed its support for Black Sea Grain Initiative to ensure a safe and secure corridor for grain and fertiliser export from Ukraine. In South-East Asia, North Korea raised temperatures in the Korean peninsula by firing 23 missiles, with at least one of them landing near the sea border of two Koreas. In other news, Benjamin Netanyahu looks set for a dramatic comeback at Israel’s Knesset, with Exit Polls and early vote-counts ensuring that the Netanyahu-led coalition manages to surpass the majority figure.

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Russia resumes support for Ukraine’s grain corridor as Turkey guarantees shipment exports to Africa first

Russia on Wednesday rejoined the United Nations-led Black Sea Grain Initiative, a pact first signed in July-2022 to ensure a secure corridor for export of grain and fertilisers export from Ukraine. The Kremlin on Saturday had said that it was pulling out of the pact, citing an attack on its Black Sea fleet.

North Korea launches 23 missiles in a single day, South Korea retaliates

Tensions rose as air sirens alarmed South Koreans on Wednesday. In a dramatic escalation of tensions between the two Koreas, Pyongyang launched 23 directions of which at least one came dangerously close to the sea border between the two arch-rivals. South Korea also retaliated by launching three air-to-surface, precision-guided missiles near the eastern sea border. 

Israel’s Netanyahu says his camp on brink of big election win, ‘will wait for results, says Lapid

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory in the country’s fifth general election in four years appeared imminent, with some 85 percent of the ballots from national elections counted and showing that voters gave him and his allies a majority in the country’s parliament.

South Korea crush: Police should explain why it failed to act on time, says PM

South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-Soo slammed the police Wednesday while asking it to explain why it failed to respond to multiple emergency calls during Monday’s deadly Halloween crowd surge. South Korea is observing a period of mourning in the wake of the tragedy that has claimed 156 lives so far. 

India: Morbi bridge collapse ‘will of God’, says arrested manager of Oreva company

The case of cable bridge collapse that claimed 135 lives in Gujarat’s Morbi on October 30 entered a local courtroom Wednesday. 

During the hearing, one of the arrested Deepak Parekh, a manager of the Oreva company—which was given the repairing contract—reportedly told the magistrate that the incident took place because it was “the will of God”. “It was the will of God that such an unfortunate event happened,” Parekh was quoted as saying by The Indian Express newspaper. 

US concerned of imminent Iranian attack on Saudi, says ‘will not hesitate to act in defence’

After a Saudi Arabian intelligence report hinted at an imminent attack from Iran, the United States has expressed its concern and has said that it will not hesitate to respond if necessary. Saudi Arabia warned the United States that as a distraction manoeuvre to shift the limelight from its ongoing Hijab protests, Iran is planning to attack the Kingdom. 

T20 World Cup 2022: Kohli, Arshdeep help India beat Bangladesh by 5 runs in rain-affected thriller

In a nail-biting contest at the end of which Indian fans rejoiced, India’s Arshdeep Singh held his nerves in the final over to help India beat Bangladesh by 5 runs in Adelaide on Wednesday, November 2nd. The Indian bowlers staged an incredible comeback after a flying start from Bangladesh in their run-chase.

 ‘Avatar The Way of Water’ new trailer: James Cameron film promises to be the cinematic event of the year

A new trailer for ‘Avatar The Way of Water’ is here. James Cameron’s much-awaited sequel to 2009’s ‘Avatar’ will bring you back to Pandora. The original was a big step up for computer-generated visuals that outdid anything else that had come before in photorealism but ‘The Way of Water’ may even be a bigger visual upgrade over its contemporaries.

Rare first-edition US Constitution copy to go under the hammer; expected to fetch $30 million

An ‘extremely rare’ first edition copy of the US Constitution, one of the most historic pieces of publication in US history will go under the hammer later this year. As per the auction house, the copy is expected to fetch as much as anything between $ 20 million to $30 million. 

Sleeping too little or too much puts you at increased risk of glaucoma, says study

If you are someone who doesn’t get much sleep, or someone who sleeps too much, then you are at a high risk of glaucoma, a common eye condition that affects millions of people and can lead to blindness, according to a decade-long study. Snoring, daytime sleepiness and insomnia can also increase the risk of the same.

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