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The revival of the contentious Iran Nuclear deal has been months in the making, now EU has expressed hope that the deal should happen in the next few days. However, in the face of EU optimism Iran has demanded ‘stronger guarantees’. In other news, the Russia-Ukraine war and US military aid to Kyiv has left America’s weapon arsenal at uncomfortable low levels, which officials fear would jeopardize the US military’s readiness in face of danger.

unkindwhile, months after the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, Kate Moss, who is Depp’s ex-girlfriend has revealed how the Pirates of the Carribean actor surprised her with a diamond necklace by hiding it in between his butt cheeks.

Finally, from the world of sports we bring you news about a fine levied on India and Pakistan cricket teams after the Asia Cup opener match.

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EU talks of nuclear deal in ‘days’, Iran wants ‘stronger guarantees’

European Union’s policy chief Josep Borell has expressed hope that the Iran nuclear deal could be revived “in the coming days,” however Tehran has asked for “stronger guarantees”.

US’ military aid to Ukraine left its own ammunition stockpiles ‘uncomfortably low’: Report

The Ukraine crisis has had a wide-ranging impact on many countries, but according to a recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, the war has depleted “American stocks of some types of ammunition”.


HMS Prince of Wales: Britain’s warship halted as propeller shaft wasn’t greased properly, says report

HMS Prince of Wales, Britain’s biggest warship, recently suffered a mechanical issue shortly after leaving southern England. The Royal Navy described the trip as a “landmark mission” off the coast of North America and in the Caribbean. 

However, it is learned that the warship, which cost £3 billion, was “ground to a halt off the Isle of Wight because the propeller shaft wasn’t greased properly”. 

Germany better prepared for gas outage through Nord Stream 1: Regulator

Germany’s network regulator Klaus Mueller said on Wednesday (August 31) that the country is now better prepared for disruptions in gas supply through Nord Stream 1 pipeline. Mueller said that Germany’s gas storage was now nearly 85 per cent filled. He opined that the country will be able to cope with the three-day gas flow stop via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline if Russia resumes deliveries at the past weeks’ level from Saturday.

United Nations warns of further violence outbreak risk in Libya

A UN representative has expressed concern about the situation in Libya and warned stating that it still risks escalating into new violence as the country struggles to prepare for an election.

Putin says Gorbachev had ‘huge impact’ on world history; Kremlin says he was wrong about ‘bloodthirsty’ West

Russian President Vladimir Putin paid tributes to former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who passed away on Tuesday (August 30) aged 91. In a Telegram, Putin wrote that Gorbachev had had a “huge impact on the course of world history”. 

Severe drought in Spain reveals monuments dating back around 5000 years

The massive droughts in Europe saw a number of rivers completely drying up in the past few months and in most cases, that resulted in ancient structures coming to sight after almost centuries. A similar phenomenon happened in Spain as a stone circle resurfaced from the bottom of the river.

Ghislaine Maxwell becomes ‘bffs’ with notorious double-murderer in jail

Ghislaine Maxwell, who is serving a 20-year term for sex trafficking and recruiting young girls for Epstein to molest, has suddenly become fast friends with Narcy Novack, one of the most notorious female murderers in the United States.

Kate Moss reveals how Johnny Depp had gifted a diamond necklace hidden in his buttocks 

In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, Kate Moss revealed a rather unusual incident from the time of their relationship. Moss revealed how Johnny Depp had hidden a diamond necklace in between his buttocks and had asked her to ‘have a look’.

ICC panel level fines on India and Pakistan for slow over-rate in Asia Cup encounter

Geographical neighbors and arch-nemeses India and Pakistan recently locked horns under the promotional banner of the Asia Cup tournament. Both teams were fined 40% of their match fees for maintaining a slow over-rate during their Group A clash on Sunday. 

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