Top 10 world news: Chinese ship leaves Sri Lanka, Ukraine bans I-day celebrations, more 


Chinese ship ‘Yuan Wang 5’ has departed from Sri Lankan waters. India was unhappy about presence of Chinese ship in the waters in its own backyard. In other news. Ukraine has banned Independence Day celebrations. Russia has launched rocket attack near the nuclear plant. Read this and more in our Top 10 world news

China’s ‘spy ship’ Yuan Wang 5 departs from Sri Lankan waters after contentious six-day visit

China says the ship is used for scientific research, but the US Defence Department says the ship is under the command of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and is capable of tracking satellites and missile launches. The ship’s arrival at the Hambantota port became controversial as China leased the port from Sri Lanka in 2017 for 99 years after Colombo failed to pay debts related to the construction of the facility.


Ukraine bans Independence day celebrations as Russia launches rockets at locations near nuclear plant

At least four people were hurt by Russian rocket salvos that were launched overnight into Nikopol, across the Dnipro from Russian-occupied Enerhodar, where the Zaporizhzhia plant is located, as well as the surrounding Krivyi Rih and Synelnykovsky districts, regional governor Valentyn Reznichenko reported on Telegram on Monday.


Russia says apprehended IS operative was planning suicide attack in India

The development comes even as global worries over Islamic state has grown. The agency said that that the operative belongs to a central Asian country and was recruited during his visit to Turkiye from April to June 2022.


Relative of children found dead in New Zealand found in South Korea 

The remains of two children were found in suitcases in New Zealand last week. The children are believed to be between five and 10 years old at the time of their death.



Australian police seizes country’s largest shipment of opioid

While as little as 28 milligrams of the drug can result in death, Australian police said they had only ever detected illegal fentanyl in amounts of less than 30 grams


Is that a ‘downed’ plane? Google Maps users spot spooky image in Australian rainforest

The users are baffled as the plane is apparently from established flight routes. Reports have noted that the grey twin-engine plane is in a location west. It is a known flight path along the north Queensland coast


China: ‘The Bund’ will not be lit for two nights to save power as drought hits power supply

As extreme weather continues to play havoc with power supplies and damage crops state weather forecasters issued a heat ‘red alert’ for the 11th consecutive day on Monday


Citi warns UK inflation to hit 18% as energy bills rocket

Due to extremely painful rises in energy bills that will push the cost of living into the ‘stratosphere’ CPI inflation will hit 18.6 per cent in January 2023, according to Citi.


Swiss glaciers have shrunk by half since 1931, and melting faster, study reveals

Their study, published in the scientific journal The Cryosphere, used material from the TerrA image archive, which covers about 86 percent of Switzerland’s glacierised area, analysing around 21,700 photographs taken between 1916 and 1947.


Quake of magnitude 5.5 strikes Indonesian island of Bali, no casualties reported

The quake was felt across the island and neighbouring Lombok, Reuters reported. However, the authorities did not issue a tsunami warning.


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