Thousands of Argentineans gather in front of VP Cristina Kirchner’s residence to show support


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Thousands of Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Kirchner’s supporters demonstrated in support of her on the streets on Saturday (August 27), days after prosecutors demanded a 12-year prison term and a ban on holding public authority for alleged corruption during her term.

Prosecutors charged the vice president, who also served as the president of the country for two terms, from 2007 to 2015, with defrauding the government and transferring public funds.  

It is one of the largest protests that took place in front of the vice president’s residence in the affluent Recoleta area of Buenos Aires, where police had installed fences early in the morning to try to prevent a sizable gathering.

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The protesters tore down the barricades and engaged in combat with police, claiming the Kirchner is the target of the legal persecution and that the opposition mayor of the capital has put up this provoking and outraging act.

The police later used water trucks and hydrant trucks to disperse the masses present.

On the scene, five police officers were hurt, and four protesters were detained, as per the local media.

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The former president in her tweet, “Today I woke up with the corner of my house literally besieged (…) They want to ban demonstrations of love and support that are absolutely peaceful and joyful, which are taking place in the face of the judiciary’s already undeniable persecution,” Reuters reported.

The current President Alberto Fernandez shared the message showing support.

The sentence is awaited. A judge is yet to decide which could take months.


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