The YouTuber Boyinaband is facing Serious Accusations!!


The YouTuber Boyinaband has remained at the receiving end recently. He is facing serious allegations of physical and mental abuse, grooming, and child sexual abuse.

Who is the YouTuber Boyinaband?

The real name of the YouTuber Boyinaband is David Brown. He is a musician, lyricist, rapper, and famous YouTuber. His song “Don’t Stay in School” was a big hit in 2015.

He joined the field of music in 2007 and became a member of the ‘You and What Army’ band. But in 2010, he started performing as a solo artist. His first solo album was ‘Djenstep.’

His single “Don’t Stay in School” generated controversies as the song targeted the current education system. He also worked with many famous celebrities like TheOdd1sOut, Roomie, etc.

He owns a YouTube channel called Boyinaband. His channel has 3.06 million subscribers with 347.14 million views in total.

The allegations against the YouTuber Boyinaband and his reaction:

After 2019, he suddenly stopped making videos for his YouTube channel. Everyone was wondering where he had gone as his disappearance was sudden and unexpected.

Meanwhile, a YouTuber Teacher Eddie prepared a report that mentioned that the YouTuber Boyinaband did not have good relationships with his former girlfriends.

At least one month before he disappeared, his former girlfriends released some audio tapes. In the tapes, they made accusations against him and talked about his abusive treatment against them.

Apart from this, the YouTuber Boyinaband also faces allegations of abusing the children sexually. A Reddit user astekas_ posted about this.

As the accusations and criticisms are coming continuously, Boyinaband is maintaining a safe distance from being online. He has not commented yet about these allegations.

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