US Navy Destroyer Shipwreck

The world’s deepest shipwreck recovered near the Philippines

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U.S. Navy destroyer USS Samuel B. Roberts, also called Sammy B, sank during World War II. Its wreck was found last week near the Philippines. The shipwreck was lying in two pieces more than 22,600 feet or 4 miles below sea level.

Victor Vescovo, who is an American explorer, an ex-Navy commander, and Caladan Oceanic founder, discovered this wreck along with the American Exploration team and the British company EYOS Expeditions. This is the deepest shipwreck ever found.

Vescovo also discovered the previous deepest shipwreck. The wreck belonged to USS Johnston. He found this wreck in the same area last year. The wreck was more than 21,200 feet deep.

Vescovo also shared the video of pieces of Sammy B lying underwater on his Twitter account.

Various images of the shipwreck have also surfaced. They show the ship’s 3-tube torpedo launcher and the gun mount.

These two ships were part of history’s largest naval battle, the Battle of Samar. The U.S. fought this battle in October 1944 against Japan.

U.S. Navy records tell that when Sammy B sank, its crew kept floating and waiting for three days for rescue. Out of 224 crew members, 89 could not survive.

In the month of June, the expedition team dived six times in eight days to find the Sammy B. The team also tried to search the wreck of USS Gambier Bay. But it had not succeeded yet. 

The team also planned to search for USS Hoel but could not do so due to a lack of sufficient data.

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