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The ‘Tower of Fantasy’ Game and its Gacha System

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Tower Of Fantasy Game: The ‘Tower of Fantasy’ Game is finally here. It is free to download and play. It was launched on 10th August. It seems to be inspired by ‘Breath of the Wild.’

What is the ‘Tower of Fantasy’ game all about?

In this game, the gamer feels like an adventurer who can venture out into the sci-fi universe. Human beings are being thrown out of Earth and sent to other planets. The players are given the task of saving the planet Earth and its human beings.

There are so many good and bad characters in the game. It looks like Genshin is set in the future.

The Gacha System:

The word “Gacha” has been derived from the term “Gachapon.” Gachapon was a capsule toy launched in Japan. They were dispensed through a vending machine. The idea was to put some change in the vending machine and to see if you get a capsule toy of your choice or not.

The idea of Gachapon was used in various games like MapleStory, Monster Rancher, Dragon Collection, etc. And now it has been adopted in the ‘Tower of Fantasy’ Game.

You have to earn roll currency and use that to get a character. A particular amount of roll currency is required to get a character.

Working of Gacha System in ‘Tower of Fantasy’ Game:

The Gacha rolls are known as Special Orders. Scrapper is used to unlock the first round. After finishing the first game, the player gets the first Gacha roll. With this role, you can get the character Echo. You can use this character to move forward in the game.

The first character offered by the game is fully customizable.

There are also various Gacha banners in the game that work like vending machines, and you can get characters from them using the rolls.

SSR Weapons and Receiving new characters:

The ‘Tower of Fantasy’ Game offers various weapons like SSR Weapons, SR Weapons, and R Weapons. The player has to obtain SSR Weapons and SR Weapons to get a new character. You do not get any character with R weapons.

The game also tells you about the chances of getting a new character. This information is available under the “More Info” part of the banner. Even though rolls are required to get a character, the game also has a “Pity System” that can offer you a character without having a sufficient number of rolls.

Gold or Red Nucleus:

You can buy Gold or Red Nuclei in the ‘Tower of Fantasy’ Game from its store. You can purchase it using Tanium. The range is from 60 Tanium ($0.99) to 6,480 Tanium ($99.99).

You can also convert Dark Crystals into Gold or Red Nuclei. One Gold or Red Nucleus is equal to 150 Dark Crystals.

However, the game offers many opportunities to grab Gold Nucleus for free. You just have to be aware and quick enough to grab them. But there is no free way to get Red Nucleus.

Some reviewers are calling it a messy game that does not have a clear-cut motive. Still, you can download the ‘Tower of Fantasy’ Game and enjoy it!!

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