The Masked Singer Unmasked: Montell Jordon is the Face Behind the Mask


The Masked Singer Triple Face Reveal:

Finally, the face behind The Masked Singer is out now. It is Montell Jordon, the famous R&B singer.

The face reveal came during viva Vegas Night on The Masked Singer. Panther was revealed as Montell Jordan, Hummingbird as Chris Kirkpatrick, and the Pi-rat as Jeff Dunham. This is a rare kind of event that happened on the show as three faces were revealed.

The Grammy-nominated singer said that he wanted to show his different sides to the people which is why he stayed behind the mask.

Montell sang a fantastic interpretation of “Feeling Good” during the episode aired on September 28. The reason behind choosing the song was that he loved the feeling of hope behind the song.

The Masked Singer, Season 8:

The latest episode of season 8 of ‘The Masked Singer’ is aired every Wednesday on the FOX channel. There are certain changes in the show’s format as well. Now, only one contestant from the current lot advances into the next week’s episode.

Last week, the contestant Harp moved to the next episode. This week he had to face two new singers: the Panther and the Pi-Rat. But in the end, only Harp and Panther were left. There was a face-off between them called the ‘Battle Royle.’ Finally, the judges’ panel voted in favor of Harp and he went into the next round.

Future Endorsements of Montell Jordon:

Moreover, in 2023, Montell will make a comeback to TV in the new series on FOX, titled ‘Special Forces: The Ultimate Test.’ Montell said that he wants to test his physical, mental, and emotional capabilities, so he decided to be a part of the show.

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