The Last Chip: World’s Hottest JOLOCHIP- Check It Out

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World’s Hottest JOLOCHIP

If craziness and madness are all you want, then you must try this hottest JOLOCHIP. The chip comes in a small box packing and is available in various online as well as offline stores. Inside the packing, there is a single chip. It is strictly advised to have the JOLOCHIP at your risk. Also, outside the packing, it is strictly mentioned that minors of age group 1-10 should not try this.

Ingredients in JOLOCHIP

The hotness of the chip does not mean that it has to carry only the bad ingredients.

Here are the ingredients of the JOLOCHIP: Corn, Canola Oil, Edible Activated charcoal powder, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad scorpion, Iodized salt, Calcium Propionate, and sodium Propionate. Also, the company claims that it is a vegetarian product.

The company claims that with the vision of bringing Real Spicy to India, JoloChip was created.

JoloChip price in India

In India, you can find the JoloChip in any of the famous retail stores. Also, the chip is available on various E-commerce websites and its official website. The Price of JoloChip in India is near Rs 200.

Apart from this, you can even take a JoloChip Challenge or the last chip challenge with your friends and family for more fun and enjoyment.

If you want to try this last chip and are unable to find it on the offline store then you can buy it from here- order now

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