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‘The Flash’ Actor Ezra Miller Seeking Help for Mental Health

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Flash Actor Ezra Miller: Good mental health is as important as anything else. But this is generally not given much importance. We start giving attention to our mental health only after we start facing troublesome issues. At some point in one’s life, everyone has to come across such issues that can affect mental health. Big businessmen, politicians, and celebrities are no exceptions.

The actor, who entertained us through his performance as The Flash in Justice League, is one of such celebrities who have faced or facing mental issues. He is Ezra Miller, who identifies himself as non-binary.

A statement from ‘The Flash’ actor Ezra Miller has come into the public domain. As per the statement, he is seeking help to cope with severe mental health issues. Due to his mental health, he had to face numerous problems in recent years.

‘The Flash’ Actor Ezra Miller’s misdeeds:

Ezra’s many misdeeds have kept him in the limelight. Here are some glimpses into his troublesome past:

In 2011, he faced charges of possessing marijuana. Twenty grams of marijuana were found in his car by the Pitsburg police.

In 2020, a video surfaced in which he could be seen choking a woman in Iceland. The incident happened outside a bar.

This year, he faced charges of misconduct and harassment in Hawaii. He was at a karaoke bar on Silva Street. He threw abuses at the people present there and also attacked a man. He had to pay a fine for his erratic behavior.

Recently, he had to face felony charges for doing a burglary in Stamford, Vermont. He stole bottles of alcohol from a house when the owners were not at home.

The apologies from ‘The Flash’ Actor Ezra Miller:

‘The Flash’ actor has rendered his apologies for his troubling actions in the past. He said that he has been going through bad mental conditions for many years. And due to his bad behavior, he has troubled many people. He himself had to face many legal actions. But now, he wants to end all this and is looking for a treatment that can resolve his mental issues.

Ezra Miller’s friends were also noticing a change in his behavioral patterns, and they were very much worried about this. His troublesome behavior also became a matter of concern for Warner Bros. Discovery, who had hired an actor for certain projects.

There were speculations that Warner Bros. Discovery would cut ties with Ezra Miller after the release of ‘The Flash’ due to his controversies. And there is a possibility that the apology from the actor has come because of this.

Only the future will tell if he improves his behavior or not after the treatment. Anyways, right now, friends and Warner Bros. Discovery are happy that the ‘The Flash’ Actor Ezra Miller is going for professional mental help.

The star will next be seen in director Andy Muschietti’s ‘The Flash.’ The $200 million budget Warner Bros. Discovery’s movie will hit the theatres in June 2023.‘The Flash’ Actor Ezra Miller’s misdeeds:

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