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The driver sentenced to one year in death case of Nicki Minaj’s father

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Nicki Minaj’s Father: On Wednesday, the court announced its verdict in the hit-and-run case of Nicki Minaj’s father. The accident happened last year, and the rapper’s father got killed in it. The court has announced a jail term of one year for the culprit driver.

The driver involved in the accident was Charles Polevich, and he was driving a 1992 Volvo station wagon of white color. In February 2021, he was driving through New York’s Long Island when he hit and killed Nicki Minaj’s father, Robert Maraj, on Roslyn Road in Mineola. Robert was 64-year-old and was walking on the road.

After the accident, Charles just asked Maraj if he was ok and ran away from the scene. He did not make any call to 911 for help and went straight to his home, parked the car in his garage, and hid it with a tarp. The prosecutors mentioned that he tried to tamper with the pieces of evidence by hiding his car. Charles pleaded guilty to all these charges in May.

Some people near the scene took Nicki Minaj’s father to the hospital. He was given treatment over there, but he could not survive. He was declared dead the next day. Charles surrendered to the police a few days after the accident.

Apart from one year sentence, Charles will have to pay a fine of $5,000. His driver’s license has also been canceled for six months.

Charles Polevich is a 72-year-old man. During the arguments in court, his lawyer said that it was possible that Charles was not in good health condition due to his old age when the crash happened and left the scene after hitting Nicki Minaj’s father. He also said the road’s condition was also not good and moreover street lights were not working at that time. He mentioned the autopsy report of Maraj that found alcohol in his blood.

Charles pleaded guilty in court and said that he had been heartsick since the accident happened. He was not able to forgive himself.

Robert’s wife, Carol Maraj, did not seem happy with the verdict as she was looking for a longer jail term for Charles. Also, prosecutors were looking for a one to three years jail sentence for Charles. But Howard Sturim, Nassau County Judge, said that he could not pronounce more than one year’s jail term for the driver.

39-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper Nicki Minaj has released a video in the memory of her late father. She said that his loss had devastated her. Her father was going to visit her in California to see her son.

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