The Bold Film Director Jean-Luc Godard Passes Away

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The bold film director, who shaped the French cinema, is no longer with us. Jean-Luc Godard left this world at the age of 91. He took his last breath on Tuesday while he was at his Swiss home in Rolle situated on Lake Geneva.

Patrick Jeanneret, Jean-Luc Godard’s legal advisor, informed us about the director’s demise. He said that Godard was suffering from many health issues. Godard wanted the death of dignity, so he decided to die of assisted suicide.

Jean-Luc Godard was born in Paris in 1930 in a rich family. Later on, his father took his family to Switzerland and obtained Swiss citizenship.

Godard was a person with out-of-the-box thinking capabilities. He was a daring director and never feared trying new things. His style of narrating was unique and never failed to make an impression. He introduced the concept of radical politics in his movies.

During 1950s, Godard also worked as a critic for the publication Cahiers du Cinéma. His writings were so powerful that they gave European cinema a completely new look.

As a film director, his first movie was ‘Breathless’ which was released in 1960. This movie inspired many film directors to come up with new ideas.

Godard and his several colleagues from Cahiers started a movement to reshape French cinema, which was termed ‘The New Wave’ by the French print media.

He was a man with short height, he was thin, and most of the time, he used to remain untidy. He was not much interested in giving interviews. He used to deflect the questions related to his personal life and art.

Jean-Luc Godard was honored with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences lifetime achievement award in 2010. But he did not go to receive the award, and when an interviewer asked him what did the award mean to him, he said, “Nothing.”

During his career as a director, he directed around 45 films. Some of his famous films are The 400 Blows, Alphaville, My Life to Live, Week-End, and A Woman is a Woman.

“A film consists of a beginning, a middle and an end, though not necessarily in that order,” Jean-Luc Godard used to say.

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