Texas State Park: Dinosaur Tracks Found !!


Texas State Park Dinosaur Tracks: The changes in climate are revealing newer things day by day. Sometimes human remains are discovered, and sometimes warships. And now, in a Texas State Park, dinosaur tracks have been found due to drought-like situations.

Where Dinosaur’s Tracks have been found?

The park is Dinosaur Valley State Park, situated in Glen Rose, Texas. The Texas State Park is famous for its dinosaur tracks. And these are the latest ones in findings.

The recent Texas State Park’s dinosaur tracks always remained hidden in the water of Paluxy River, but now, as the water levels have gone down due to the rising temperatures, the tracks are uncovered.

What do researchers have to say about newly discovered Dinosaur’s Tracks?

The director of paleontology at Utah Tech University, Jerry Harris, calls it a valuable finding for the researchers. These can prove to be helpful in putting light on the daily lives of the dinosaurs. They can also give more details about those characteristics of the animal, which are usually difficult to find from the skeletons, like the speed of movement.

To which category do Texas State Park’s Dinosaur Tracks belong?

As per information given by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Texas State Park’s dinosaur tracks are of a theropod known as ‘Acrocanthosaurus.’ Most of the tracks found in this park belong to this species of dinosaurs. Tracks of the dinosaur Sauroposeidon had also been found in the area in the past.

Acrocanthosaurus’ height was 15 feet, and it weighed around seven tons. It had three toes and claws on each of its limbs. These tracks are approximately 113 years old. They are in the shape of a triangle with claw marks pressed into the ground.

When the water levels of Paluxy River reach their normal in the future, these tracks will again disappear as they will be underwater and filled with sediment. So, the researchers are trying their best to get as much information as possible before that.

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