‘Terrorist’ attack on Russian military site in Russia kills 11, says defence ministry


A ‘terrorist’ attack on a Russian military training ground in Russia left at least 11 dead and 15 wounded, said Russian defence ministry as quoted by Russian news agencies. The attack took place in Belgorod, a Russian region near Ukrainian border. Russian defence ministry said that two citizens from a former Soviet state carried out the attack.

“On October 15, two citizens of a CIS country committed an act of terror at training range of the Western military district in the Belgorod region,” the defence ministry was quoted as saying.

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The CIS, or Commonwealth of Independent States, was formed between republics that were part of the Soviet Union. Ukraine was formerly a Soviet state.

As per the Russian ministry, the attack took place during a training session for volunteers joining Russian forces.

“As a result, 11 people were fatally wounded. Another 15 people suffered injuries of varying gravity and were taken to medical facilities,” news agencies said. 

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This attack has come days after a truck bomb resulted in damage to Kerch bridge, a key bridge linking Russia-annexed Crimea to Russia.  Though Ukraine did not formally accept responsibility, Russian President Vladimir Putin had held Ukraine responsible.

The blast on the bridge had stopped traffic.

(With inputs from agencies)

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