Pilot Red Glow Atlantic Ocean

‘Stranger Things’ detected: Pilot Spots Red Glow Over Atlantic Ocean

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Pilot Red Glow Atlantic Ocean: A video and images of a mysterious sighting are going viral on the internet. The netizens are calling it ‘Stranger Things.’

The video was captured on Friday by a pilot while he was flying his plane over the Atlantic Ocean. The pilot noticed a massive and eerie red glow in the clouds spread over the Atlantic Ocean and immediately captured it.

Ever since the video has caught the eye of social media users, various theories have started popping up. Some users are calling it ‘End of Time’ while others are comparing it with Netflix’s famous sci-fi show ‘Stranger Things’ scene ‘Upside Down.’ The image of the strange red glow also has a caption that reads that the pilot has never seen anything like this in the past. One user said that it seems that doomsday is not far.

There are other opinions as well. A user has given a logical reason for it. According to him, the pilot saw the red glow over the Atlantic Ocean due to the huge LED lights which are used by the fishing boats to attract and catch fish. This method is used to catch Saury fish. The 14-inch-long Saury breed fish are found near the surface in tropical and temperate waters, and they jump above the water.

A curious user on Twitter shared the video and tagged the HoaxEye fact-finder publication to know the truth. The organization replied that the red glow over the Atlantic Ocean is due to the LED lights of fishing boats. It also mentioned that a similar glow was noticed earlier in 2014.

The image has crossed one lakh upvotes since its first share and is continuously increasing.

Currently, no details of the pilot are available. It is also not clear why he was flying a plane over the Atlantic Ocean.

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