Spanish climate activists splash viscous liquid over a glass case of fake mummy at Barcelona’s Egyptian Museum


In the most recent assault on cultural paintings in protest of inaction on climate change, a pair of activists splashed a viscous liquid over a glass of case housing a fake mummy. 

The incident happened at Barcelona’s Egyptian Museum on Sunday (November 13). A video of the instance was posted on the Publico news website, which showed that two activists splashed on the case with red and brown gunge from Coca-Cola bottles and a few adjacent walls. 

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The activists then held up a modified Coca-Cola banner reading “climate justice.”

After being reported, the two activists cooperated with police; so neither of them was detained, however, the museum said that it will submit a claim for damages caused. The activists claimed that the purpose of their act was to emphasise the climate emergency the world is facing, AFP reported.

Coca-Cola, the US beverage giant is one of the COP27 climate summit’s official sponsors, which is heavily criticised by environmentalists who claim that the beverage firm is to be blamed for the world’s plastic waste. 

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Both protesters belonged to Futuro Vegetal, a Spanish organisation. The organisation’s some other activists glued their hands to the frames of paintings by Franciso Goya at Madrid’s Prado Museum.

Activists worldwide are rapidly targeting famous museums calling in action for climate change. The most recent one occurred when activists threw mashed potatoes on a Monet masterpiece and threw soup at paintings by Vincent van Gogh in London and Rome. Earlier this week, the top world museums said that they were “deeply shaken” by these acts and believed activists “severely misjudged” them. 

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