Snowfall Totals Break Records in Upper Peninsula, Michigan


Well, winter is knocking at the door in the USA and the snowfall totals due to the winter storm are breaking records in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan. This area is being impacted the most.

Approximately 18 inches of snowfall has happened till now within two days and temperatures are continuously going down. These snowfall totals have remained highest in recent years.

Almost all the cities in this part of the country are experiencing snowfall, but most of it has happened at Lake Superior.

The heaviest bands of lake-effect snow will be seen in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and far northern Wisconsin.

The lake-effect snow happened when cold and dry air flows across the relatively warmer waters of the Great Lakes. The warmth and moisture from the water are picked up by the air and takes the formation of clouds. Due to this, there can be heavy snowfall in some areas as compared to others.

This storm has left many staying in the dark as the power supply has been a hit. More than 32,000 complaints were received on the first day of the snowfall. Repair work is going on but it will work smoothly once the storm is passed.

Apart from power outages, the roads are blocked and the trees are damaged.

Snowfall has also started happening in Chicago but it is not expected to cross the lines and the weather forecast says that it would remain normal.

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