Snapchat Plus Ghost Trail

Snapchat Plus announces Ghost Trail feature for Premium Subscribers


Snapchat Plus Ghost Trail: Snapchat entered the market of social media apps about a decade ago. Since its launch, the app has gained huge popularity and has become one of the biggest social media apps. It keeps on adding new and attractive features now and then to keep its users engaged.

Snapchat Plus has introduced a new feature, ‘Ghost Trail.’ But to avail of this feature, you must subscribe to a premium account on Snapchat+.

The premium membership service is going to cost its subscribers $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year. With this service, the subscribers will be able to access exclusive features of the Snapchat+ platform.

Subscribers will also have the benefits of using pre-release and experimental features. Some salient features will be available to the premium users before they are released to regular platform users.

Snapchat+ has also offered a free seven-day trial to have a feel of this. Just go to your settings in the Snapchat app and click on Snapchat+ and enjoy the free service for seven days.

Additionally, this paid premium service will help in increasing the revenues of the company.

What is Snapchat+ Ghost Trail?

Ghost Trail is a new feature for the premium users of Snapchat Plus. It will help you to track the locations of your friends in the past 24 hours and will show Ghost Trails of your friends on the map.

But you will be able to see the ghost trails only if your friend is using Snapchat+ and has allowed you to view his/her location. Otherwise, it will be of no use.

How to use and see Ghost Trail?

There will be a Snap Map. The Snapchat users will have to share their location on this map.

To view the Ghost Trail of your friend, tap on your friend’s Bitmoji on the map, and it will show you his/her whereabouts in the past 24 hours.

Snapchat+ has also given the option of clearing one’s Ghost Trail. In the Snap Map settings, one can switch on or off the Ghost Mode by the toggle button.

Requirements to see Ghost Trail:

You can see the Ghost Trail of your friend only if

Your friend allows you to access his/her location on Snap Map.

Snapchat+ is allowed in his/her country.
Must have installed Snapchat+ version 11.85 or above.

Time will tell how many users opt-in for this feature and how much they like it. It also seems possible that most of the users may be interested in seeing their friends’ Ghost Trails but not in sharing their own to keep their privacy intact.


Q: How do Ghost Trails operate on Snapchat+?

A: They work with the help of Snap Map and have access to view one’s location on the map.

Q: Is there any Ghost Mode on Snapchat+?

A: Yes.

Q: What is Ghost Mode on Snapchat+?

A: Ghost Mode can also be called ‘Only Me’ mode. It means nobody will be able to view your location on the Snap Map.

Q: What is Snapchat Ghost Hiding?

A: Snapchat+ allows you to hide your location for a time period. The period can be three hours, 24 hours, or until you turn on the sharing again.

Q: Can you share your location with only selective friends?

A: Yes.

Q: Which version of Snapchat will be required?

A: Snapchat+ 11.85 or above.

Q: What is the subscription service fee?

A: $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

Q: Is there any free trial available?

A: Yes. Seven-day free trial of using Snapchat+ from your Snapchat app.

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