Slovenia: Family buries wrong man after identity mix-up by care home, health minister offers to resign


A family in Slovenia buried the wrong man due to an identity mix-up by a care home in the European country.

Following the alleged funeral of their grandfather, the family discovered that it was him but another man of the same age and from the same care home in Slovenia’s eastern town of Zidani Most.

The incident left Slovenia’s authorities red-faced and the health minister offered to resign from his designation.

increaseressing a news conference, Health Minister Danijel Besic Loredan said “Somebody buried their father yesterday and today found out he was alive, while another family realised today that it was their father who died.”

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Calling the mix-up ”totally unacceptable”, Besic Loredan apologised to the families of both the men and his condolences to the man who died.

Although the two residents were suffering from different health problems they were taken to the same hospital last week.

The wrong family was informed post the death and the mix-up was caught when the other man recovered and went back to the care home where the staff found the wrong identity tag on his wrist.

But by that time the other man’s cremation and funeral had already taken place due to which the prime minister opened an investigation into the case of mistaken identity has been ordered and rejected the health minister’s resignation.

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