Sichuan, China: Earthquake of Magnitude 6.8 leaves 65 Dead


A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8 shook the Sichuan part of China on Monday. The death toll is continuously rising. Till now, rescuers have found 65 dead bodies. Lots of people are still missing.

The teams of rescuers are trying their best to reach out to the people who are stranded due to the earthquake. They are also trying to restore the basic services, like water supply, power supply, telecommunication, etc., as soon as possible.

The rescuers are also providing adequate food supply to the people affected by the earthquake.

More than 250 people are being treated at different hospitals for the injuries. Many of them are critically injured.

Monday’s Sichuan, China earthquake is the strongest earthquake that has ever hit the area since 2017. In 2017, an earthquake measuring 7.0 magnitude hit the city.

The people got scared and started running here and there to save themselves when the quake struck afternoon at 12:25 p.m. The people of the provinces of Shaanxi and Guizhou also felt the shocks. These areas are a hundred km away from the epicenter Luding.

As per the latest reports on the prevailing situation, more than 200 people are still stranded, and the rescue teams are putting their best efforts into taking them out. Things are taking time because the debris has caused roadblocks.

Luding province is the worst affected area. The earthquake demolished more than 200 houses and caused damage to around 13,000 plus houses. Hotels and homestays were also got affected by the high-intensity Sichuan, China earthquake.

According to the weather forecast department, very heavy rains are expected during the coming three days. These can hamper the rescue work going on and can also form temporary lakes.

Authorities are keeping an eye on the situation of various rivers with the help of drones.

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