‘The News with Shepard Smith’ Cancelled by CNBC, Refocuses on Business News


After two years, CNBC has decided to cancel the show ‘The News with Shepard Smith’ as the network wants to refocus on business news.

Shepard Smith will leave the network this month after the show is over. The final date has not been decided yet.

Shepard Smith was employed by CNBC two years ago. Earlier, he worked for FOX News for a long span of 23 years. The viewership of Smith’s show on CNBC went down in 2021 to 222,000 from 280,000 in 2020. This might be the reason for the cancellation of the show.

This is a major decision taken by the new CNBC President KC Sullivan. The employees of CNBC were informed about this decision through an e-mail.

‘The News with Shepard Smith’ show is an hourlong prime time show that is focused on general news. But now the channel wants to focus again on the business and stock markets as the network officials feel that business and market fields are their main strengths.

A new show on business news is in the line for 2023 and is expected to act as a boon for the people who are closely associated with the markets and the investors.

A team of 20 employees is associated with the show ‘The News with Shepard Smith.’ Due to the cancellation of the show, they all will go jobless. But the network officials have ensured that they will help those employees in getting new jobs.

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