Service Restored After West Seattle Fauntleroy Ferry Crash

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In an unfortunate incident at a West Seattle dock on Thursday morning, a ferry crashed at the Fauntleroy route. The ferry involved in the incident was the Cathlamet ferry. During the crash, a lot of damage happened at the dock.

The crash happened on Thursday at around 8:15 a.m. when the ferry, coming from Vashon Island, collided with an offshore dolphin. The offshore dolphin is a structure in the form of a piling of steel and concrete and is located at the Fauntleroy terminal. It is used to help in docking ferries.

This is the second time a ferry collision with an offshore dolphin has happened. Earlier in 2007, a similar incident happened on the Mukilteo-Clinton route. The West Seattle Fauntleroy Ferry Crash occurred at the Southworth-Vashon-Fauntleroy route, called the Triangle Route.

After the West Seattle Fauntleroy ferry crash, the passengers were safely removed from the ferry, and all services on the route were suspended. Luckily, no passenger or crew member got hurt in the incident. Cathlamet ferry was removed from the dock, and the Issaquah ferry will be used for transportation for the time being.

The damage due to the crash has been assessed. Not only did the dolphin structure get damaged, but it also tore the front side of the ferry. There were many vehicles on the ferry apart from the passengers. Several got damaged, and one got buried under the wreckage.

The 328-feet-long Cathlamet ferry is a 41-year-old ferry and has the capacity to carry 1,200 passengers and 124 vehicles. After the collision, it was sent to Eagle Harbor shipyard, Bainbridge Island, for repair, and it will take a quite long time for the ferry to be suitable for work.

The authorities have started the investigation process. The investigation team consists of representatives of the United State Coast Guard, Washington State Ferries association, and National Transportation Safety Board.

All the crew members of the Cathlamet ferry have been tested for the consumption of alcohol and drugs. They will remain off duty till further orders.

WSF is already suffering from a shortage of staff. Keeping the Cathlamet ferry crew members off duty will put further pressure. It will have to prepare the daily ferry schedules.

All the suspended services have been resumed now. The passengers have been asked to check the daily schedule of the ferries and bulletins on the website of WSF to remain updated.

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