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SEC Shorts Skit: Alabama lands in critical condition


SEC shorts’ latest episode brings humor to the hospital emergency room, which nobody can think of in real life.

SEC Shorts is a comedy series that revolves around the world of college football. As it is a comedy series, even serious scenes, like the latest one, are presented in a funny manner. The joy and misery of college football are captured at best by SEC shorts.

Moreover, the college football teams, like Alabama, Texas, Austin, etc., are represented as single persons in the skit.

The SEC shorts’ Alabama scene tickles the funny bone even though Alabama is shown lying in the emergency room in a hospital.

In the scene, you can see that the doctors and the hospital staff are eagerly waiting for Texas to arrive in the emergency room. They have made all the preparations for welcoming the team. Even a saline dip is prepared with “Texas is Back” written on it. But to their amazement, it is Alabama that lands in the emergency room in bruised-up condition.

Alabama seems to be in pain, and doctors have started looking for immediate relief options. The TV interviews heat up the performance of the teams.

At last, a dose of “clutch field goal kicker” is given to Alabama, and the vitals of the team start responding with the shot. The patient Alabama team is set aside in the corner after the critical situation is handled.

After that, the much anticipated Texas team reaches the emergency room in a wheelchair. The team is escorted by Hope. The doctors prescribe “StubHub for Liberty Bowl tickets” for the team.

Next is the turn of the Notre Dame team, whose winning streak has finished, and then is much annoying Nebraska, which is cash strapped and may not be able to pay hospital bills. The Nebraska team is asked to wait in the waiting room until their health insurance is deducted.

Well, the actors definitely have to do hard enough to keep themselves serious while enacting such ridiculously serious scenes.

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