At San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Dog safely removed from gorilla exhibit


San Diego Zoo Safari Park Dog Gorilla: Park officials at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California have informed and confirmed that a dog was safely removed from the gorilla exhibit on Sunday afternoon.

In a statement park officials said that two domestic dogs were roaming around loose inside the park and around 4:00 p.m. one of the dogs suddenly jumped into the gorilla habitat and was spotted running there. A gorilla was chasing the canine.

The park officials further added that the wildlife care specialists were called for help and they successfully recalled the 2 gorillas out of the habitat so that the dog could be removed from it. 

Recall training is given as a part of the regular safety procedures taken at the Park.

The dogs were safely removed by the specialists and luckily no injuries were reported during the recall procedure. Safari Park also confirmed that no staff member, none of the Safari Park animals, or guests present there were harmed.

There is also a video of the incident which is making its rounds on social media. It is not yet clear where the dogs came from and to whom these dogs belong. 

The rescued dog is a male shepherd dog. The dog was turned over to the San Diego Humane Society after the rescue.

Humane society officials said that they believe that the dog wandered into the park on his own. They also mentioned that the dog was not wearing a collar as well as was not microchipped. Still, they have put the dog on hold and are trying to find his owner. Society also named the dog ‘The Mighty Joe Young.’

As per park officials, the other dog was also safely captured by the team and fortunately did not enter any exhibits.

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