Russian Navy Submarines Seen With ‘Z’ Marking


Russian Navy Submarines: Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, the latest images are coming up. These images are of Russian Navy Submarines. In the images, one can see the ‘Z’ marking on a marine. The marine with the marking is a Russian Navy ballistic missile submarine, and its name is Knyaz Vladimir (K-549).

The ‘Z’ marking is used by the Russian troops that are on the mission of Ukraine invasion. So from this marking, it is clear that the submarine is headed toward Ukraine. The ‘Z’ marking indicates the invasion from the south. Other symbols being used are ‘V,’ ‘O’, and ‘Z’ within a box shape.

It is a submarine of Borei-A class. It is used to carry RSM-56 Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missiles. These missiles are the main weapons of Russia’s sea nuclear arsenal. The missiles can cover a range of up to 8,000 km and have the capacity of hitting with 100-150 kilotons.

A Borei-A class submarine was spotted at the missile loading facility at Severomorsk. It is quite obvious that the marked submarine is loaded with Bulava missiles.

But this symbol has, till now, been spotted only on one submarine. Two submarines were also sent into the Baltic sea, and this symbol was not visible on them.

It is not clear if the crews are using these symbols with the permission of authorities or of their own will. This symbol is being used all across Russia to show support for the war in Ukraine.

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