Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov reportedly taken to hospital in Bali, Russia denies


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has been taken to hospital after his arrival in Bali, Indonesia for G20 summit, reported AP citing Indonesian officials.  Lavrov is attending the G20 summit in place of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia is expected to face flak in the summit for Ukraine war. AP said that Indonesian medical officials declined to be identified but said that Lavrov was being treated on the resort island.

It is being reported that Lavrov is being treated for ailment related to heart.

However, short time after the Lavrov’s hospitalisation was reported Russia denied the development. Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman  Maria Zakharova posted a video of the 72-year-old diplomat in a T-shirt and shorts along with her.

They were shown laughing in the video after several media reported that he was in hospital. 

“We’re here with Sergei Viktorovich (Lavrov) in Indonesia, reading the wires and we can’t believe our eyes,” Zakharova said. 

“It’s the highest level of fake.” 

Lavrov claimed the reports were part of “some kind of game” that he blamed on Western media. 

“They’ve been writing for about 10 years that our president is sick,” he said.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 this year. After sustained territorial gains in the initial months of the invasion, the Russian troops have had to retreat in the face of Ukrainian counter-offensive. Retreat from Kherson has become a latest blow to the Russian war campaign.

(With inputs from agencies)

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